A fishy start to a very fishy business

September 13th marked the official launch of my fly fishing business - a controversial choice of mid-week date given the amount of free ale, fizz and wine on offer. Supported by West Kent Networking, the launch took place in the beautiful surroundings of Chilstone, with the kind support of general manager Steve Clark.

Trout and salmon-themed canapés concocted by Kent’s first underground chef, Hari Covert, were unquestionably one of the highlights of the evening. The impressive menu included skewers of poached salmon with a wasabi mayonnaise dip (served in tiny wellington boots), piping hot arancini (rice balls) and a luxurious paella cooked in the open air and served up in individual spoons. You can read more about the fishy feast right here, along with some photographic evidence from Snappy David, aka David Bartholomew.

The raffle gave the (completely unjustified) appearance of having been rigged, with Torpedo Juice’s Jez (creator of this website) conveniently winning a voucher towards a meal Hari Covert’s restaurant and childhood friend and neighbour Caroline winning a Live & Let Fly voucher for three hours of tuition. What can I say? Fate can be fickle!

There was a great turnout on the night – especially from West Kent Networking and the Tunbridge Wells Twitterati – with lots of people asking about fly fishing tuition vouchers in the run-up to Christmas. We’ve also had a spate of new enquiries about tuition, despite the distinct chill in the air. If you’re worried about the winter weather, don’t be. In fact, fish tend to love all the conditions we hate, so windy, wet and overcast days are often the best times to catch. What’s more, with many of the Live & Let Fly venues – like Spring Hill Trout Waters near Pembury – fishable all year round, there’s no need to pack your gear away till the spring. And if you liked what you saw at Chilstone, you might be interested to know that I’m holding my fly fishing for carp lessons at the lake.

So what’s next for Live & Let Fly? We’re already gearing up for next summer’s Highland holiday bespoke guided fly fishing holiday, based at Glencanisp Lodge near Lochinver. This trip is invitation-only so if you’d like to take your fly fishing skills to the next level, get in touch for a chat and I’ll run you through what’s in store.